Looking for quick and simple Argos dog insurance reviews?

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Argos offers one of the best pet insurance packages on the market. There are three basic levels of cover you can get from Argos; silver, gold and platinum. Use our simple Argos dog insurance reviews to work what the best one is for you and your dog.

Argos dog insurance silver is the most basic level of pet insurance you can get. It includes cover for vets' fees up to £2,500. It covers hereditary conditions and there's a 12 month limit on claims. So if your dog needs treatment that carries on for more than one year, you'll have to start footing the bill yourself, or find another pet insurance provider who will.

The next level of cover is Argos dog insurance gold. It provides cover for vets' fees up to £4000 and includes hereditary conditions. Unfortunately, with gold cover there's also a 12 month limit on claims.

The most comprehensive dog insurance package from Argos is their platinum cover. Like the other two, it covers hereditary condition. But unlike the other two, it provides unlimited cover for vets' fees and there's no limit on how long you can claim for. If your dog requires treatment that lasts longer than a year, Argos will cover it for you (as long as you keep your policy up to date).

There are many other benefits to Argos dog insurance that you might be interested in hearing about. For example, the 15 per cent discount you can avail of when you purchase dog insurance online. To find out more, check out the Argos website.


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