Everything you need to know about Argos homeowner loans

Argos are certainly far removed from their roots as a "from the catalogue" retailer, with stores essentially amounting to service counters sitting in front of huge sprawling warehouses where items are stocked away from the public gaze in a bid to minimise expenses.

These days they have seen their empire expand from simply offering shoppers a cheaper alternative to many high street brands, and now they have started to dip their toes into the finance game, with credit cards, loans and even insurance available to customers via their website at www.argos.co.uk.

If you're looking for a homeowner loan, you could be forgiven for not having Argos on the top of your list, after all few people associate the brand with lending, but the fact is that they actually offer one of the better services out there right now.

Argos homeowner loans offer you the ability to comfortably combine all our outstanding debt into a single monthly repayment, take out some money for those home improvements you've been putting off for the last few years, or literally anything else you could think of.

Offering customers any amount falling between £7,500 and £100,000, Argos homeowner loans feature a typical APR of 9.7 per cent (although this is variable). Their website features a handy breakdown of various loan amounts and durations, couple with the monthly repayments you would be facing with them.

For example, a £10,000 loan over 15 years would cost you a total of £103.36 per month - that's just over £25 per week - while at the higher end of the loaning scale, a £75,000 loan taken over 25 years would cost you £646.12 per month.

Those of you who are running the totals in your head may have noticed that the total money repaid on these loans would be £18.604.80 and £193,836 respectively - a huge mark up on the original figures. However smaller loans over shorter time frames offer much more favourable total pay back figures, so they may present a better option to you.

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