Arts Education Grants & Funding

If you're studying arts in further or higher education you may already be aware that arts grants aren't widely available from government education funding sites. Higher education students can still obtain their student loan whether or not they're doing an art-based degree but this isn't always enough to support full-time studying.

However, some organisations and charities offer exclusive arts grants. These organisations normally have a particular interest in arts and are willing to fund students who show promise in their work or dedication to continue studying.

It's no secret that applying to these type of arts grants are a little more difficult than applying for a straight forward government loan, as you'll be competing against a number of other promising students for a limited amount of money, but they can often be an essential form of income if all else has failed.


How Much Can I receive?

This depends on the organisation you apply for and the nature of the grant you require. Some organisations won't give you more than £500 as a one off funding incentives, whilst others are willing to pay for things like course fees and maintenance.

How Many Trusts or Charitable Organisations Are There?

Luckily, there are hundreds of trusts and organisations that will be looking to provide arts grants to potential applicants. They all have very specific, set criteria but you're guaranteed to at least find one provider to help you out.

Where Can I Find Trusts and Charitable Organisations?

There are websites set up dedicated to looking for funding incentives. They normally store all information about trusts and organisations on a searchable database to make it easier for you to find an organisation that suits your needs. Some examples of these sites are Grantfinder.co.uk, jrct.org.uk, turn2us.org.uk and gatesfoundation.org.uk.

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