ASDA Comprehensive Car Insurance

The ASDA car insurance website at asdafinance.com/insurance/car-insurance is not easy for a first-time visitor to navigate. All of its policies are shown as extensions of one another, with the fully comprehensive shown as featuring all the elements of the lesser policies, but with some extras.

This article is about the fully comprehensive package, but if you feel you can do without some of its features, read more at the above site.

ASDA's comprehensive car insurance policy has an extensive cover, protecting against fire, theft and accidental damage, providing a new car if your car is stolen or written off within 12 months of purchase, giving up to £500 compensation for damage to your audio apparatus, allowing full comprehensive cover when driving elsewhere in the European Union, and covering you if you are driving a car which you do not belong.

The policy also allows up to £20,000,000 cover to pay for damage to a third party's property, and up to £7,500 over for a personal injury to you or your spouse or partner. There is also an accident helpline, which you can access 24 hours every day.

You can also purchase several important extra options: coverage of legal expenses up to £50,000, breakdown recovery assistance (which can be extended across Europe), and a hire car for 14 days should your car become impossible to use.

If you buy your ASDA car insurance policy online, you can save up to 10% of the price. If you have not claimed any compensation after four years with the policy, you will be eligible to qualify for a 70% no claims discount. As with all policies, ASDA's programs also have a legally required 14 day "cooling off" period in which you can cancel your deal with a full refund.

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