Asda Reward Credit Card

Many supermarkets have moved into the finance area and are now providing certain products that were once only available at banks, such as loans and credit cards. The Asda Reward credit card is one of Asda's own finance products, with some great features and introductory offers compared to other brand credit cards. Although the card is endorsed and financed by Asda, it's actually offered by Mastercard (which is normally what supermarket's and other companies who don't specifically operate in the finance industry do).


Introductory APR

The Asda Reward credit card comes with 0% p.a. on balance transfer for 12 months and 3 months p.a. on purchases for 3 months. However, you need to keep in mind that these are introductory offers only and the normal APR will be imposed after the 12 month (or 3 month for purchases) period.


Actual APR

The APR for the Asda reward credit card is 16.8% variable, but this is subject to change depending on the customer who applies for the card. The borrowing rate for purchases could be up to 24.8% APR and the normal credit limit for most customers is around £1,200.


Other Benefits

As an Asda reward credit card you can, as the name suggests, get certain Asda rewards by using the credit card. You can earn up to £50 in Asda vouchers each year and receive free home delivery on your shopping when you pay with the card and spend over £99. If you use Asda reward credit cards in store you can save around £39 per year on shopping, £66 online and £30 in Asda living stores, on average each year.


Compared to Other Cards

Although the Asda reward credit card has some excellent introductory offers and benefits for Asda customers, the APR isn't too appealing compared to other credit card products. It's really an ideal card for someone who frequently shops at Asda stores and people who can easily control their finances with a higher APR rate.

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