Asda Insurance Products

Asda insurance products were brought in a few years ago to offer its customers, and now non-Asda customers, better rates on certain insurance products. However, their rates and insurance packages may be great compared to other providers but you have to remember that, as a supermarket chain, Asda doesn't specialise in insurance so some packages may not be ideal if you require a comprehensive package with a lot of extras suited for your needs.

In many cases Asda doesn't actually offer its own insurance but does combine it prices with other providers; for example, if you applied through Asda for home insurance your actual provider could be Aviva.

Most Asda insurance products are quite basic and well-rounded, but perfect if you only need a cheap package with all the foundations of insurance. Asda insurance products include:


Home Insurance

Asda claims to provide the best deal from the top 10 UK home insurance providers at an average of £167 for buildings and content insurance. Money, accidental damage, theft/loss of keys, outdoor buildings insurance (i.e., garden flowers or patio furniture) and trade access/water leaks can be included in the package with an excess of around £2000 - £5000 depending on the package.


Car Insurance

Asda car insurance offers an initial 10% off the overall price if you book online and up to 70% no claims discount. You can choose to add any extras you require so you don't have to pay for what you don't need, such as courtesy cars or European cover.


Pet Insurance

Pet insurance starts from £3.65 a month for cats and £8.65 a month for dogs; you can choose from value, standard and superior pet insurance depending on the type of cover you want to take out. Asda pet insurance was also rated 5 stars by Defaqto.


Travel Insurance

Asda travel insurance covers children for free and offers small packages for weekend breaks or annual insurance for people who travel frequently. Unlimited medical expenses are included and instant cover can be booked online with up to 15% discount. The average price for one person on holiday in Europe from Asda is £13.00.


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