Take out an Asda loan

While an Asda loan may not be the first thing you think of when you think of money lending, they do offer a fantastic service well worth a look.

Asda have been lending money to people for years and have always had a great rate and lenient attitude toward applicants as far as credit history is concerned. This makes it a much more open option to a lot of people. While you may have had loan issues in the past Asda will not write you off.

As it stands Asda have actually stopped personal loans but worry not, this is only a temporary thing. In fact, if you have had a personal loan with Asda in the past you can still apply.

They have been very successful with their lending program over the past few years but according to Asda's website they have said 'We're currently looking at providing our customers with a brand new loans product, so watch this space for more details!'

Hit up the Asda website asdafinance.com. Here you can keep up with any updates and new happenings in their new loan program.

Since this obviously will not sort your immediate money troubles why not check out the tescobank.com website. Here you can get great personal loans from Tesco with an APR of only 7.4%. They offer loans from £7,500 to £15,000 and with such a great APR they are one of the best around so check them out!

While Asda loan is down why not be sure to hit up Tesco and see what they have to offer.




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