What is Asda pet insurance in the UK

Asda Pet Insurance in the UK offers three levels of insurance for your pets. The lowest cover, called Value, starts at just £3.95 for cats and £8.65 a month for dogs. The cover includes vet bills up to the cost of £1,500 and £200 back if your dog or cat dies through accident or illness. There is also a third party liability cover, meaning you will be covered in the event someone sues you in court as a result of being injured because of your dog or cat. The Standard pet insurance is the middle cover and offers more or less the same as the Value, except this cover will pay vet bills totaling £3,500 in 12-months.

The Superior Asda Pet Insurance in the UK is the most popular level of insurance, because it offers everything a responsible pet owner needs to ensure their pets are well looked after. Not only will the cover pay £6,500 in vets bills, there is no time limit. Unlike the other two levels which require the vets bills to be less than the designated amount in a 12-month time period, the Superior cover allows over £6,000 in fees at any one vets visit. The cover also includes £1,500 cash back in the event your cat or dog dies from illness or due to an accident. The policy also pays £1,500 in the event you lose your pet due to theft or accidental loss. This cover is more expensive at £5.25 for cats and £13.65 for dogs. Every policy has an excess of £100 or £250 if the incident is outside of the UK.

Asda Pet Insurance in the UK is designed for cats under the age of 11 and dogs under the age of 9. It offers one of the UK's most popular pet insurance, with 90% of their insurance customers saying it is the cheapest, and best, insurance they have ever bought for their pets.



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