How to look for auto insurance online

Where to get auto insurance online

Go to instant quote sites and enter your details on the form to get car insurance quotes in no time. By going to a broker site, a single application gives you plenty of quotes. This is essential and convenient for you to compare rates. Go to Moneysupermarket.com/car-insurance or Q4.com and get over a hundred quotes from each one in minutes.

Use a spreadsheet programme

A simple spreadsheet programme is all you need to key in the details of the providers and their rates. There is no need to key in all of them as you may have well over a hundred quotes. Quickly sort through the list and only key in the ones with reasonable prices. Sorting by prices in the first stage is the fastest and easiest way to shortlist the providers.

Go to their respective websites

As you go through the providers on your spreadsheet, you may further shortlist it. Then go the respective websites of the ones you just shortlisted for more information.

Give them a call

You will probably eliminate some of them in the process of looking at their websites. For those who remain on your list, you may want to call up in person to clarify on information that you can't find on their websites. Otherwise, use your email programme.

Ask for discounts

A very important column to include in your comparison table is 'discounts'. Ask for discounts that are available and see if you can match some of these. There are a number of discounts available and the providers are not equal in this area.

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