Aviva Car Insurance - The Pros and Cons

The Aviva Group plc was created when Norwich Union and CGU plc merged in 2000, to become CGNU. The name of the company was changed to Aviva in 2002, and since then the group has been offering insurance of all kinds in multiple countries throughout the world. Aviva offers car insurance along with home, life and health insurance. They also provide their customers with retirement schemes.

Aviva car insurance boasts some of the lowest premiums on offer in the UK. Some of the biggest pros associated with Aviva are the additional benefits provided by the company. These should prove highly attractive to most car owners. For example, named drivers on the policy can also accumulate their own personal no claims discounts. The no claims bonus for users is also protected if they are hit by an uninsured driver, provided the accident was not the Aviva policy holder's fault.

As with most insurance companies however, a degree of personal information must be supplied before Aviva will supply you with a quote. Insurance policies can be provided for single or multiple vehicles, and short term car insurance is also available. When applying for a quote, you must first provide your name, address, date of birth, occupation and marital status. You will then be required to provide certain information about the vehicle itself. Year of manufacture, engine size and the make and model of the car are all details that are requested as standard.

If you are interested in obtaining a quote from Aviva Car Insurance, they can be contacted at http://www.aviva.co.uk/car/.


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