Are you considering Aviva Car Insurance?

Aviva Car Insurance is one of the United Kingdom's most dependable insurance providers. They also provide some of the biggest bargains going, and we're going to lay them all out for you in this blog.

Now is a brilliant time to join Aviva as they're offering a stunning offer to new customers, dependent on you having at least four or more years' no claim discount on your current Car Insurance policy.

If this applies to you, then this deal is hard to refuse. When you switch over, Aviva will offer you 12 weeks' free car insurance with a 12 month policy, so you essentially get 15 months for the price of 12. If you couple this with the discount of up to 20% offered on online policies, then you can really rack up the savings.

They also offer a number of unique selling points to help try and tempt you over. You can instantly access your car insurance cert and view, change or renew the policy online using their "MyPolicy" system.

You'll also receive a no claims discount for named drivers on comprehensive car insurance policies when they take out their own Aviva policy.

Aviva also offer an "Uninsured Driver Promise", which means you won't be forced to pay for an accident that wasn't your fault.

The cheapest policy Aviva offer is 188 pounds per year, and that's all that 10% of customers pay. It's well worth checking in with Aviva to see if you qualify for this stunning price!

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