A Guide to Aviva's Classic Car Insurance Policy

Aviva's classic car insurance is arranged in close association with Towergate Classic Motor, Aviva's partner company and experts in the field of classic car insurance, having been in operation since 1969.

In order to qualify for Aviva's classic car insurance, your car must fit the definition of a "classic car". This means it must match the following three criteria:

  1. It must be a second car. That is, it must not be your primary vehicle or primary mode of transport.
  2. It must have been manufactured at least twenty years ago, as a standard factory-produced model and not a one-off creation.
  3. Its annual mileage must not be greater than 7,500.

If your car adheres to all three of these requirements, you may be eligible for Aviva's classic car insurance policy.

The policy is a comprehensive insurance plan, covering you against damage from fire, accident or theft, supporting you financially in the case of damage to a third party's property, other third party cover, some coverage for medical expenses in the unfortunate event of personal injury, legal expenses, and more. To find more details, visit the Aviva classic car page at aviva.co.uk/classic-car-insurance/.

In addition to these conventional features, the classic car insurance policy also includes a valuation of your car (where it is possible), and an extension of your insurance to cover participation in public road rallies. It is important to note, however, that this coverage does not extend to any races or speed trials.

Depending on your annual mileage (and remembering the aforementioned 7,500 limit to qualify for the policy) you might also that you can get bigger price reductions the less regularly you use your classic car.

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