We Take a Look at the Aviva Share Price History

Whether you're planning on investing in some shares yourself, or are simply curious as to the performance of one of the biggest insurance companies in the world, the Aviva share price history certainly makes for some interesting reading - and it's easy to find information going into as much depth as you desire online.

In The Beginning

Aviva's available share price history on the London Stock Exchange goes all the way back to July 1st, 1988, and there's certainly plenty of ups and downs between that date and the modern day.

When the company's stocks opened for trading some 26 years ago, the economic climate an awful lot different to todays. With the United Kingdom still suffering with widespread recession, things were looking bleak, but, nevertheless, prices closed the day at a very healthy 340.58, and things would continue to look up as the time went by.

Within a month, price had risen by more than £9 per share, an excellent return on investment for anyone who was in there from day one, and that early stability would have gone a long way to inspiring confidence among prospective investors.

What Goes Up...

Unfortunately, things weren't to continue in that positive manner, and by December 1st, 1988, Aviva prices had slimped to a worrying 291.41 per share, heaping pressure upon Aviva management and making investors nervous into the bargain.

Things soon turned around, though, and two years later stocks opened at a very healthy 446.22, showing that the turnaround was complete and cementing Aviva as one of the most promising stocks in its space.

Business Booms as the UK Becomes an Economic Powerhouse

By the time the global boom had taken hold in the mid-90s, Aviva stocks are trading at an all time high of 748.00, as of the morning of September 1st, 1997, a figure that would continue to grow month on month for a full year, until August 1998 saw shares plummet from 1,192 to 857, which proved to be the typical range of share prices right the way up until the early 00s, when things took a turn for the worse.

Major Decline

The time from June 2002 to the present day makes for very interesting reading in the Aviva share price history, accounting for several troughs, some promising peaks, and then relative stability at a price dictated by the market.

Following the great performance of shares in the 1990s, investors will have been disappointed when, by February 3rd, 2003, value had plummeted to just 430.25 - less than 1988's opening price!

As economic turmoil started to grip the United Kingdom during the mid-00s, things improved a little, with prices varying between 600-800 until 2009, when the economic downturn really started to manifest itself in the company's share prices, illustrated by an all time low of 214 on April 1st 2009.

Since then, though, things have improved steadily, as prices crept back into the 300s, and into the higher reaches of the 400s as of March 3rd 2014. Whether or not they'll reach the highs of the 90s remains to be seen, though.

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