We check out Aviva young drivers insurance

Young Drivers sick of getting a raw deal on their Car Insurance can soften the blow a little bit for themselves by checking out what Aviva young drivers insurance can offer them in the way of a money saving quote. It's time to end the rip off!

Aviva are at the forefront of "Pay as You Drive" cover, and have been offering this brilliant product since 2004. Pay as You Drive insurance is the perfect way for young drivers to take control of their premium for very little trade off.

The policy works by allowing the installation of an in-car GPS devices which allows Aviva to track how much mileage you do, and when you do it. Policy holders then receive monthly bills based on car usage, including time of day, type of road, and mileage.

Aviva have tailored a version of this policy directly to cater for Young Drivers aged 18-23, encouraging them to leave their cars at home at night. Under the policy, drivers will be charged one pound per mile driven during the "High Risk" accident time between 11pm and 6am. Off-peak driving prices start from as little as 5p per mile. Young Drivers will also benefit from 100 free off-peak miles every month.

Getting a quote from Aviva is a simple case of either filling out their online quote form, which includes a calculator to see how much Pay As You Go cover could save you, or by calling them and speaking directly to an agent.

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