Avoid rip offs, know the gold price per gram in the UK

Are you selling your old gold or family heirlooms? If you want to get a good deal, then knowing the gold price per gram in UK is absolutely vital to avoid getting ripped off. In this blog we'll be presenting you with a brief guide to knowing just how much you can expect to receive.

While the price of gold may fluctuate over time, the good news is that since the world slipped into recession in 2008, the price of gold has steadily risen as people seek a safe haven from the fluctuations of currencies and the markets. This represents a fantastic opportunity for people looking to make a quick buck on old gold.

To give an example of how much you could expect to get for your gold right now, here are the current prices per gram of the various Carats. Nine Carat - £11.13, 14 Carat - £17.32, 18 Carat - £22.27, 22 Carat - £27.21, 24 Carat - £29.69. As you can see, even one gram of gold can bring in a tidy sum, so it's well worth investigating whether or not your gold is worth selling.

If you're serious about it, then there are a few things you just need to check. Always look for the hallmark on your gold. It will be a three digit number representing what Carat your gold is. The higher this number is the better, with 999 representing the highest possible Carat at 24. Then you just need to weigh your gold to find out how many grams you are dealing with. Simple!

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