Keep yourself covered with Axa bike insurance

If you've long held the dream of hitting the open road on a motorcycle then why not try and realise your ambition now? It's never been easier to set yourself up in Ireland.

What you'll need to consider, after you've picked up your bike and helmet of course, is Axa bike insurance. Bike Insurance premiums can very wildly, so we recommend checking out www.axa.ie and clicking on the "Other Motor Insurance" tab. Here you will find their detailed section on Motor Cycle Insurance.

Axa's Motor Cycle Insurance quotes are at the cheaper end of the market, you'll be delighted to hear. However, there is one massive snag, you can only take out a Motor Cycle Insurance policy with them if they already insure your house or home. It's not available at a standalone product.

They offer the standard choice of third party, fire theft cover, or comprehensive. The good news is, they bring your premium down by taking into account any skills assessment tests you may have taken. There are numerous courses around Ireland that qualify, and these will help bring your premium right down.

They also offer personal finance to help you purchase the bike, aswell as any helmet or protective clothing you might need. Their personal finance packages often offer great value, with rates discounted for people who are already availing of one of their other financial products such as House or Home Insurance.

If you're thinking of taking out a Bike Insurance policy, then we recommend taking a look at Axa.

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