Let's take a look at Axa breakdown cover

Axa are one of the UK's biggest insurance providers, and as such can offer a vast range of Breakdown Insurance options. They offer a number of different packages, and in this blog, we'll be talking you through them.

Axa Breakdown Cover starts at a pretty cheap £35.99, and even their entry level cover offers brilliant protection. AXA Roadside is their starting level of cover, and under this package you'll be covered for roadside assistance if your car breaks down more than a mile from your home.

If it can't be repaired at the roadside, you, and up to six passengers, will be taken to either your destination, your departure point, or the nearest garage, whichever is within a 10 mile radius.

The next level of cover is AXA Rescue. This offers all the benefits of AXA Roadside, but offers overnight accommodation if your car can't be repaired and you're stuck far from home.

Their most extensive UK coverage policy is called AXA Rescue and Home Assist, and this offers assistance at your home address or within a mile of your home. They will also arrange for the car to be repaired at your home if you wish.

If you're travelling abroad, AXA also offer a European Breakdown package for £109.99. It will grant you full roadside assistance and recovery in almost 50 European countries. This level of peace of mind is priceless while abroad!

AXA are the perfect option if you're in the UK and need breakdown cover - check them out at http://www.axainsurance.com/breakdown/ today!

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