Axa Car Insurance - all you need to know

When deciding on the right car insurance policy for you it is important to do some research on the top insurance providers. The following is some advice on AXA car insurance.


AXA is one of the largest insurers in the world. They have been providing car insurance in the UK for over 20 years. Car insurance can be bought from their website www.axainsurance.com.

Types of insurance

AXA provide three main levels of car insurance cover - third party only, third party fire and theft and comprehensive. Third party only is the minimum level of car insurance you are required to have in the UK. It protects your liability in the event of an accident that causes injury to passengers and other people. It also covers damage to property.  Third party fire and theft covers the same level and also includes protection against fire and theft. Comprehensive provides full cover against damage to the car and also covers belongings that are in the car at the time of an accident.


AXA provide a range of benefits for car insurance customers. They offer a huge no claims discount of up to 90% for safe drivers. This is around 20% higher than most other insurers. They also provide a free courtesy car if you need one after an accident and guarantee all repairs for 5 years. They have a UK based call centre for making claims and any other queries you may have. There is a discount of £30 for all policies that are bought online.

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