AXA dog insurance provides the level of cover your dog deserves

It can be quite expensive being a dog owner. The food doesn't come free and when they get sick the vet's fees can be a real killer. Unfortunately, AXA dog insurance won't cover the tins of dog food, but they will cover trips to the vet and a whole range of extras that you might be interested in hearing about.

The single biggest expense for dog owners is for vets' fees. When you get a sick puppy that needs a lot of treatment the costs can quickly get out of control. With AXA dog insurance you're entitled to up to £7000 cover in vets' fees for the year. This is a lot more than other pet insurance providers are willing to offer.

And if your dog requires treatment that lasts more than 12 months, you will be covered by AXA for as long as you keep your premium up to date. Many pet insurance companies will cut you off when this happens; but not AXA.

Any dog owner will be aware of the risk of their dog attacking someone and causing serious injury. If this happens with your dog, you could be looking at a devastating court settlement. AXA dog insurance provides third party liability cover up to £2 million, so that you don't need to worry about what your dog gets up to when you let him off the leash.

If your dog should die at any stage while you have AXA dog insurance in place, you're entitled to the purchase price of your dog back, worth up to £1000. And to help you get over the loss of your beloved pet, they'll provide up to £100 for cremation costs.


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