We look at AXA's European breakdown coverage

AXA is widely renowned as one of the biggest and most successful financial companies in the world. Founded in France in 1816, it currently has a staff exceeding 100,000 globally, with offices in almost every country in the world. The company is currently listed as the ninth largest company in the entire world according to the Fortune Global 500 list, which is based on company revenue for 2010 (last year saw AXA's revenue stand at a phenomenal €90.97 billion).

AXA insurance is but one part in a huge group of independently run operations that come under the AXA banner globally. In the UK it has established itself as one of the top insurance companies in the country, offering all kinds of coverage to a wide range of customers.

When it comes to car insurance, AXA has countless years of experience within the British market, and claims to pride itself on the fact that it listens to exactly what its customers want from it, including recognition of driving experience, cheaper insurance and a string of benefits.

To reflect the latter, AXA have recently added two major new components to its insurance policies. It now offers up to 90% no claims discount (this is based on the length and quality of your no claims history) and a free courtesy car should you ever find yourself without the use of your own following a successful insurance claim.

On top of this, drivers can now take avail of the AXA European breakdown cover scheme, which makes sure that you can have peace of mind while driving throughout almost 50 European countries. Should you suffer a breakdown, you'll be eligible for roadside recovery and assistance, as well as transport to the nearest garage should the car not be repairable at the roadside. Should your car not be fixable within a time period of 48 hours, AXA will arrange for your return home, or on to your original destination.

For more information about AXA European breakdown cover, check out www.axainsurance.com/breakdown.

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