Back to school offers

But principally uniforms and stationery. They are after all the two main things parents fork out on in preparation for the new term. The good news is that retailers have lowed their school uniform costs in a bid to get parents to splash the cash.

While many schools will have their own particular uniform that you can only buy from one shop, it's always worth checking out the supermarkets and chain stores for accessories such as trousers, blouses and gym kits.

Asda is come up with a monster offer, it will kit out your kid with a whole uniform for just £7 – so that’s a 2-pack of shirts/polos, one jumper, one skirt or pair of trousers. Let's just hope it doesn't disintegrate in the playground during a spot of horseplay. Sainsburys are going down a similar route with a £6 deal for kids up to the age 5. After that the prices rise: for 6-9 year olds a uniform set costs £11 and for 10-12 year olds it's £14.

Be sure to check out Morrisons, who are offering any two school uniform items for a fiver, and BHS has an offer on shirts – three shirts: polo, t-shirt and shirt – for just 3 quid. Can't be bad.

And away from the highstreet you'd be served well by taking a look at online money-saving website Voucher Cloud. Among other deals, they are offering exclusive offers at Clarks, and 80 percent off school supplies at Staples.

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