Finding Bad Credit Lenders and Not Brokers

The first thing you'll probably do when looking for a bad credit loan is use a search engine online. But the surge in comparison websites and brokers (most of which charge a fee without your knowledge) makes finding direct lenders quite hard. Surprisingly, Google and other search engines don't judge your results on "what's relevant"; they'll look for the site with the most SEO content and backlinks. If you want to find bad credit lenders and not brokers you'll have to try a bit harder, but we've got a few lenders listed here for you and a few keyword searches you could try to weed out broker sites.

Only a few providers offer loans to people with bad credit. You'll find a huge list of other providers all over the internet but these are likely to be brokers - whether they charge a fee of not.


Provident Personal Credit (http://www.providentpersonalcredit.com)

Provident Personal Credit is a direct lender offering £50 to £500 repaid over 52 weeks. They are door to door lenders so you'll meet an agent for your loan after filling out the form, who will then collect repayments directly from you. There are no direct debits getting you into more debt and they accept bad credit, or anyone who's been refused elsewhere in most cases. You do not need a bank account as loans are delivered personally too you; even unemployed people and tenants are considered.


FLM Loans (http://www.flmloans.co.uk)

If you have a guarantor willing to co-sign for you then you could receive a loan from FLM in 24 hours. As long as the guarantor is a homeowner and has a good credit history you're guaranteed to receive finance; the guarantor doesn't have to be related to you, they just have to agree to co-sign. Loans vary from payday loans to long term loans over a year, so take a look at all the products on the site listed above to find the right loan for you.


Green Personal Credit (http://www.greenwoodpersonalcredit.com//)

Much like Provident Personal Credit, Greenwood offers a door to door service, delivering your loan and collecting repayments from your doorstep. When you lend with Greenwood you know exactly how much you have to pay back each week and can discuss any change in circumstance (such as paying your loan back early) with your personal agent who'll be there with you from day one.


Manipulating Keyword Searches

Use Google's "Advanced Search" to remove phrases such as "brokers", "compare" or "comparison". You'll need to play around with these words to find direct bad credit lenders and not brokers.

If you use Chrome 9, Internet Explorer 8 or Mozilla 3.5 you'll find yourself with a handy link blocking tool. When you come across an obvious broker site in your results, click "block content from *site*" next to the Google link. This method is time consuming but works well to block repeat broker content and clear up search results.

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