In need of a bad debt collection agency?

If you are in need of a bad debt collection agency that you can rely on to get results then look no further than the Jack Russell Collections Agency.

Jack Russell Collections Agency was established in the 1980's to help businesses during a recession which gave rise to dozens and dozens of bankruptcies and insolvencies. Jack Russell Collections Agency soon became known as a solution provider for all sectors of credit management. They provide such services as debt avoidance, quick and effective debt collection and the serving of legal documents.

The Jack Russell Collections Agency has over 8,000 clients and these include sole traders as well as large organisations. Jack Russell also were the first agency to use a No collection, No fee System which has proved to be so successful. They charge a commission rate of between 2% and 20% and it all depends on the age and how much the debt is worth which rate you will get.

If your debts total the value of £500 or more then get in touch and let Jack Russell recover the money you are owed. The Jack Russell website, www.debtcollect.co.uk/, also has lots of useful information too about how to collect debt, how to avoid debt, how to clear debt and court actions and fees.

You can get a quote at any time from the Jack Russell bad debt collection agency and there are two ways to do this. You can visit www.debtcollect.co.uk and get a quote online or you can email info@debtcollect.co.uk. Alternatively you can call them at 0800 068 5151.

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