Bag a heating discount of £120

Over two million people are set for a heating bill tonic, by qualifying for a £120 discount on their annual bills.

The Warm Home Discount scheme is a government initiative forcing energy companies to massively increase the amount they offer in discounts to the needy. Rebates will be made to those on very low incomes, the disabled and the long term sick. If you're one of these then you could be quids in!

The Energy Secretary, Chris Huhne, said: 'The Warm Home Discount will give the most vulnerable pensioners practical help to manage rising energy bills through an annual rebate. Energy companies will be required by law to provide this support.'

At the same time however, the coalition governement has gone and slashed £100 off the more generous Winter Fuel Allowance. And given that there are an estimated 3 million people who struggle with their fuel bills, the fact that it will only help an estimated 2 million seems set to leave a substantial amount of people having to put on extra jerseys.

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