Enjoy your summer with a Bank of Ireland student loan

It's not easy for students these days, regardless of what working people claim. They might not have to answer to annoying bosses, or face uncertainty about their jobs given the current climate, but they do have the pressure of performing in their studies to worry about.

Regardless of whether you're of the opinion that they're all lazy layabouts or not, the fact of the matter is that students are the future of our country. They are the ones who will ensure that we can drag ourselves out of this recession and hopefully reclaim the same level of prosperity as we enjoyed during the days of the Celtic Tiger.

So why would begrudge them a little financial support from banks? They may not face the same huge tuition fees as students in other countries, but they still have to pay for food, rent, books and transport - something that is much easier said than done when you're in full time study.

And to make matters worse the number of part time work available for them has dropped considerably in line with the economic turmoil the country faces.

To make things that little easier, they can avail of a Bank of Ireland student loan, which comes in a number of different formats. For second level students, BOI offer a student travel loan package of up to €2,000 which enables students to borrow interest free for the first 9 months in order to do some travelling before they make the jump into third level education.

They also offer regular loans for students, as well as offering advice on overdrafts and sensible financial management on their website at roi.mystudentbank.com.


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