Bank of Ireland provide various student loans

Studying is stressful enough without having to worry about money problems. Bank of Ireland student loans are available to any student with an active Bank of Ireland student current account.

Once you have an active student current account with Bank of Ireland, there are a number of fantastic features you might want to avail of to access some extra funds while you're in college.

The overdraft facility on Bank of Ireland student current accounts allows you to draw on some extra money if you're in a tight situation, like waiting for your grant to arrive. Overdrafts can be arranged with the bank on student current accounts and benefits include an interest free repayment period of 9 months.

You might like to get your hands on one of Bank of Ireland's credit cards for students. For the first 6 months, there's a 0 per cent APR offer. After that, APR is charged at 15.5 per cent on purchases.

After applying for the card you're given a €400 limit, and when you're in your 3rd year or above you can increase the limit to €850. There's a lot of things a student can get up to with €850 at their disposal.

One of Bank of Ireland's most popular type of student loan is the travel loan for students. Young scholars can borrow up to €2000 to fund an adventure abroad and no repayments have to be made for up to 9 months. And if you come into some money and can repay the loan within the first 9 months, you won't have to pay a penny in interest.

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