Bank of Baroda Exchange Rate

The Bank of Baroda, originating from the small town Baroda, India, offers a range of investment and banking services to customers across the world. Bank of Baroda exchange rate, in the UK and US, is one of the best on the market for the rupee. The bank also offers alternative services - such as loans, charity incentives, investment opportunities and international banking.

Banking Exchange Rates

If you have an account with Bank of Baroda, exchange rate and buying rates for the rupee are usually better compared to none customers. According to their website, Baroda Bank offers the following exchange rate:

GBP/INR: 97.25 for amounts up to £1000

GBP/INR: 97.30 for amounts between £1000 and £5000

GBP/INR: 97.35 for amounts up to £15,000.

USD/INR: 62.40 for amounts up to $10,000.

For amounts above the above limit, Bank of Baroda offers their exchange rate through their branches only. If you need to exchange more than the stated amount, you'll need to find a branch local to you and inquire about the best rate available.

Baroda rates are also variable depending on the current market and economy at the time.

Although based in India, Bank of Baroda branches in the UK contain a specialised service, the Specialized Integrated Treasury Branch in Mumbai, which successfully combines the operations of different financial markets providing improved rates, sustainable, long-term banking and secure banking for its customers. The integrated system, due to its success in the UK, is now being imitated by banks across the world, but the Bank of Baroda's main operations are performed for their London bank and treasury.

Other Services

Alongside the Bank of Baroda guaranteed best exchange rate, Baroda also offers corporate banking, retail banking, specialized services and remittances. For residents in the UK, US and India, Baroda Bank offers instant transfer of money between branches, either online or through the branch, and offers instant exchange when transfers are main between accounts.

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