Anti fraud banking software

Identity fraud is when a person takes your personal details and uses them to gain access to your bank account and debit card details without your permission. This has become a major problem in the recent past as more and more banks and financial institutions move towards internet banking. In 2009 The Financial Services Authority ruled that any victim of identity theft who suffered financial loss through it would recieve any money lost back from their banks insurers. However this is subject to rules, the main one being the customer must have taken due care to protect themselves from fraud in the first place. This is partly why banks began introducing anti-fraud banking software for their customers, to reduce their chances of becoming a victim of fraud.

Most banks offer anti-fraud banking software free-of-charge as part of their internet banking packages. The Alliance and Leicester Bank offer software known as Rapport. It has been specfically designed to educate their customers on the dangers of revealing both personal and banking information to strangers. It also offers a security package for when that person chooses to use their Alliance and Leicester debit or credit card. This is where extra-information is gleaned from the customer which they than have to fill in at every purchase.

Other banks offering variations of software are the Halifax, Lloyds TSB, Santander and Barclays Bank. If you are interested in acquiring anti-fraud banking software from another source, it may be worth a visit to your local PC software shop. This will cost you money, however although most software is relatively inexpensive and worth the out-of-pocket cost.

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