Are there any banks offering 95% mortgages?

If you're aiming to snag a mortgage for yourself but don't have the money to lavish out on a large deposit, then you're probably wondering what your options are? A lot of first time buyers find themselves in this very situation, looking for banks offering 95% mortgages and banging their heads against a wall thanks to constant refusals.

With the economy in such a fragile condition, getting a good deal can be a bit of a nightmare, but if you are a member of the Nationwide Building Society, they're offering a 95% mortgage right now, and getting one is a simple matter of doing business with them for six months through a current account. You can view the full range of their mortgage offers at www.nationwide.co.uk/mortgages.

By doing business with Nationwide, we mean that you need to open one of their "Flex Accounts", and put a small amount of money away each month to show them that you can be depended upon to save regularly. Once you've done this, you qualify to apply for their loan packages. Unfortunately, the nature of a building society prevents them from offering quotes online, you'll need to visit one of their branches and speak to a mortgage specialist to establish whether you qualify or not.

Due to the smaller nature of Nationwide compared to other financial institutions, you'll qualify for extremely favourable interest rates, often fixed for a number of years. Check them out today for a brilliant low deposit mortgage!

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