Security with Barclay online banking

Unlike other bank providers the Barclay online banking service has been under criticism over the past few years for its poor security measures. The Barclay instant access service was set up to allow customers to access their account quickly from a remote location, using only their surname, date of birth, card number and security number to access statements and transfers money between their other Barclays accounts.

However, the information required to access this instant service is regarded as "public knowledge"; card holders frequently provide their card number and security code, online and offline, and information such as your date of birth or surname is also readily available from a variety of sources. It wouldn't take a hacker much time to figure out all this information and although they can't take money from your account they can still view all information on your statements - including your address and where you take your money out from on a regular basis.

Despite Barclay online banking adding new security measures to their service their remote access is considered one of the most vulnerable bank management systems around, compared to other leading banks. Although cases are rare you should still take some extra precautions to keep your information secure.

  1. Destroy all account information once you receive it. When you get your login for your Barclay online account service memorise this and destroy it, along with pin numbers, using a paper shredder. Change the security number to one of your own as soon as you access your account.
  2. Secure your browser. Many phishing sites will redirect from your online banking site to their own site, where you'll be inputting your information to an unsecured, malicious source. Internet Explorer uses a "trusted sites" feature which alerts users when they access a malicious site. Make use of all these features on your browser and change the security settings on your browser to"high" whenever you access your online banking.
  3. Scan your computer often. Keyloggers are dangerous software that can easily be installed on your computer, collecting information in the background without your knowledge. Malicious Trojans also have the ability to redirect you from your trusted Barclay online banking site to another site. Update your anti-virus software often and make sure you run a scan frequently to catch any viruses. Use discretion and caution when downloading anything.
  4. Keep up to date with vulnerabilities. Barclay online banking service will let you know about any extra security measures you can use but other sites are also actively working to warn customers of security issues with their bank. Banksafeonline.org.uk is an excellent, trusted resource to help you learn to bank more safely online and also includes a list of well-known phishing sites, e-mails or messages given to customers from malicious hackers to access their information.

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