Taking out a Barclaycard personal loan?

If the idea of snaring a brilliant value loan with some extremely favourable rates and perks sounds appealing to you - and let's face it, of course it does! - then in this blog we'll be checking out the excellent personal loans on offer from Barclaycard personal loan.

As one of the UK's premier financial institutions, Barclays are in prime position to offer an extremely tasty personal finance package to customers. All you need to have done to qualify is hold an account with Barclays for at least twelve months, then their full package of outstanding loans are available to you. So what are they offering?

Well, you'll be able to borrow any figure from £5,000 to £25,000 at an annual percentage interest rate of just 9.9%, which compares extremely favourably with every other loan provider on the market. One of the main advantages of the Barclays loan package is the speed in which they get the loan to you. Why bother with Pay Day Loans when you could have a Barclays loan in your account within three hours?

They'll even guarantee you the best deal on your loan. So if you can find a cheaper loan of comparable figures, they'll match the monthly repayments you were quoted and give you £50 pounds. Great deal eh?

You can apply for a Barclays loan online at barclays.co.uk/Loans/Ourloans/Personalloans/P1242557963928 or else call into one of their branches. Barclays are well worth a look for a great deal on personal loans. Check them out today!

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