Looking for a Barclays Bank in Ealing?

If you're looking for a branch of Barclays Bank in Ealing then you won't be disappointed to learn that there are a grand total of seven different options available to you within driving distance of central Ealing. Given the fact that Ealing is quickly becoming one of the most popular places to live in the Greater London Area thanks to its close proximity to all the major services and amenities on offer, it's perhaps no surprise that it is so well served by what has become one of the biggest and most trusted financial institutions in the United Kingdom today.

Despite the fact that consumer confidence is still relatively low in many banks, and the fact that an ever increasing number of people are blaming them for the current economic plight that we must all face on a daily basis, the continued success of the Barclays brand has been a little unexpected by some industry analysts.

Founded more than three hundred and twenty years ago, the company now boasts in the region of an astonishing 48,000,000 customers worldwide, with locations in more than fifty different countries. It found itself listed as the tenth largest banking group in the world in a 2010 Forbes article, and continues to be among the most popular options for both businesses and individuals alike in the United Kingdom.

Depending on your location in Ealing, you have quite a few different branches to choose from. For those of you based in the main Ealing area, you'll be able to choose from branches located at 53 The Broadway, 39-41 Broadway, Thames Valley University (which has limited services available) and 90-92 South Ealing Road.

Those of you prepared to travel a little, or who need to leave Ealing in order to get to and from work can choose from the branches found at 184-186 High Street, London, Acorn House, 36-38 Park Royal Road, London and 153 Chiswick High Road, London.

So we're sure you'll agree... you're never going to be far from a Barclays!

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