Alternatives to Barclays Business Loan Calculator

At the moment there is no Barclays business loan calculator available on the Barclays website or elsewhere. Barclays do offer a budget planning calculator, which is similar to a loans calculator but instead simplistically calculates how much disposable income would be left - after all monthly outgoings - to reasonably afford a loan. Barclays customers using online banking can access a personal loans calculator, but this wouldn't provide an accurate result for customers looking for business loans.

It is possible, however, to use the Barclays personal loans calculator or budget planner to provide a brief overview of how much can be spent on loan repayments. Other loans calculators can also be used online as an alternative to a Barclays business loan calculator, which can calculate repayments and interests based on APR and the type of business loan.

Barclays Budget Planner - The budget planner will not perform in the way a business loans calculator will, but can give you an insight into what you can afford to repay each month and may prove valuable when looking at repayment rates for business loans. The budget planner tool is available to all users, not just Barclays customers, and can be accessed at: http://www.barclaysmicrosites.co.uk/loanschooser/budgetplanner/ .

Barclays Personal Loans Calculator - The personal loans calculator is only available to Barclays customers who use online banking. It's designed for personal loans but can also provide a little insight into what can be afforded in terms of a business loan, or what Barclays may be able to offer its customers. To access this loans calculator you must log in to Barclays online banking, or create an online account if you are already a Barclays customer.

Fair Investment: Loans Calculator - Fair Investment offers a free online calculator for personal and business loans. The actual APR of a loan can be inputted to reveal total monthly repayments and actual interest charged on the loan. However, Fair Investment's loans calculator is not designed for any specific product or company; the actual loan repayments stated may differ from the repayment schedule you receive from Barclays. Fair Investment's loan calculator is available from: http://www.fairinvestment.co.uk/deals/loan_calculator.aspx .

Loansite: Business Loans Calculator - Loansite offers an excellent alternative to a Barclays business loan calculator. The site provides a brief overview of business loans, including repayment holidays and APR, and offers an APR comparison table with loan examples. A simple loan calculator is located at the bottom of the page but, again, this may not represent the actual repayments or loan amounts advertised by Barclays. You can view Loansite's loans calculator here: http://www.loansite.co.uk/business-loan-calculator.htm .

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