We check out what's on offer from Barclays Car Finance

Are you looking to put together the cash to fund the purchase of a new car? If you are living in the UK then you can avail of the excellent car finance deals offered by Barclays Bank. Their favourable rates and flexible terms make them the best bet in the UK for Car finance, so in this blog we are going to cast an eye over Barclays Car Finance.

Given its position as one of the premier financial institutions in the UK, Barclays are in pole position to offer unbelievable deals on Car Finance. The only criteria you have to satisfy is that you must hold an account with Barclays and have had it active for at least twelve months prior to taking out the loan.

Barclays allow you to borrow any amount ranging from £5,000 to £25,000 to finance your car, and it comes at an extremely favourable interest rate of just 9.9%. Barclays are also amazing for the speed in which they get the loan into your account. Often it will be within three hours of you taking it out. So what is the point in bothering with Pay Day Loans when you can have cash this quick?

They'll even guarantee you the best deal on your loan. So if you can find a cheaper loan of comparable figures, they'll match the monthly repayments you were quoted and give you £50 pounds. Great deal eh?

You can apply for a Barclays loan online at http://www.barclays.co.uk/Loans/Ourloans/Personalloans/P1242557963928 or else call into one of their branches. Barclays are well worth a look for a great deal on personal loans. Check them out today!



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