Barclays bank home insurance

Barclay's bank home insurance is designed to protect your valuable belongings as well as your home. They currently have three levels of insurance cover, which are aptly named less, standard and more and all offer a differing amount of insurance depending on your needs.

There are certain criteria you and your home must meet in order for you to purchase Barclay's home insurance. For example, the house you are insuring must be the property you live in. If you are thinking of renting out your home, you will need to purchase a landlord's insurance which covers you for things pertaining to renting out a property. Your property cannot be a listed building either, this is because of strict rebuild laws and the fact these laws mean a listed building will retain much of its original features, making it a less than stable insurance option. Barclay's home insurance will also not insure a home suffering underpinning problems, is a flood risk or suffers with subsidence. They will also not cover personal belongings totaling more than £80,000.

Barclay's home insurance is comprehensive at standard level, however you can add things to it in order to make it more suitable for your property. For example, their more option has a protected no claims bonus feature as standard where as the other types of cover do not have this. Both their standard and more options offer to cover legal expenses up to a certain amount, the less option does not include this, so you would have to foot this bill yourself. It is easy to automatically go for the home insurance with the lowest premium but this is often leaves you with very little cover, meaning in the event of a claim you may well end up out of pocket.

You can find out more about Barclay's home insurance by visiting their website, telephoning their dedicated helpline number or calling into your local branch to talk to an advisor.

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