Barclays Loans Calculator and Budget Planner Utilities

For anyone looking to take out a personal loan, mortgage, graduate loan or another other form of finance which acts as a loan, customers can take advantage of Barclays loans calculator. Unlike other loans calculators, Barclay promotes their main tool as a "budget planner"; you can find out the actual APR of a loan, repayment schedule and repayment amounts by searching the various loan products available on the Barclays website (or by applying in the first instance for a loan, which will not affect your credit rating if you only view repayment terms and interest).


Barclays Budget Planner

The budget planner loans calculator allows customers to input their monthly income, monthly outgoings and all extra costs into one calculator, including loan repayments once a loan product has been decided. Barclays budget loans calculator can also be used to calculate how much money is left after all monthly expenditure, to help customers decide how much they could afford to repay each month and the largest feasible loan amount available to them.

Barclays Mortgage and Offset Mortgage Calculator

Much like Barclays' other loans calculator products, Mortgage and Offset Mortgage calculators calculate property value, repayment terms and monthly income to help customers decide the best mortgage and repayment terms for their property and circumstances. Annual income, secondary income and monthly expenditure can also be inputted into the loans calculator to provide an accurate financial overview.

Other Loan Products

Barclays loans calculators available for the Barclays website can be used to decided which loan products and repayment terms are suitable for any financial situation. Barclays will credit check anyone applying for a loan and provides loans only if customers meet certain eligibility criteria; even if a loans calculator says the loan repayment terms are affordable, Barclays will still take into account credit history and circumstances before offering a loan. Current loans available from Barclays are:

  • Personal loans (8.9% APR, representative on Barclays Loan Plus)
  • Graduate Loans
  • Professional and Career Development Loans
  • Homeowner Loans
  • Mortgages (Including Offset Mortgages)


All loans calculators and loan options from Barclays can be viewed at: http://www.barclays.co.uk/Helpsupport/Toolsandutilities/P1242562614605 .


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