A guide to Barclays online banking services

The days of standing in line at your local bank branch during your lunch hour have been long since consigned to the past. With the arrival of cheap computers and cheaper internet, it seems that everyone is connected to the web, and with that comes the promise of hassle free banking. As one of the top banks in the United Kingdom, Barcleys online banking services are right up there with the best. We take a look at what exactly you can do without leaving the comfort of your home.

In a bid to make their online banking as straight forward as possible Barclays have implemented a clean, concise and, most importantly, easy to use interface for their online banking services.

The handy "At a Glance" section lets you keep tabs on the comings and goings of all your accounts from a single centralised location, minimising clicking and the risk of getting lost. It's a wonderfully clutter free design and ensures that, right from the off, your online banking experience will be as easy as possible.

They've also implemented a wonderfully intuitive instructions section for each individual page, meaning that you'll be able to figure out how to do everything you need to without the drama normally associated with banking websites.

One of the main attractions with online banking is the fact that it's always open. No matter what time of day or night is convenient to you, you'll always have access to your bank accounts allowing you to check statements, pay bills or monitor your outgoings.

If security is a concern, you'll be pleased to learn that Barclays have one of the world's most secure systems in place to make sure that nobody ever gains unauthorised access to your account through any fault of Barclays (however it'll be up to you to keep your password cryptic enough that nobody can guess).

Registering for online banking with Barclays is easy, all you need is your Electron/Connect card and five minutes free time. Point our browser at www.barclays.co.uk for more details about Barclays online banking.

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