Barclays online best products outlined

Whether you’re interesting in saving money, borrowing more or looking to refinance existing loans, if you’re a Barclays bank customer there are some great deals out there. But what are Barclays bank’s online best products, and are they so good that you should open an account with them if you bank with another bank?
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Barclays online bank accounts

Barclays e-savings online only accounts are no longer available for new customers so there are no longer any online exclusive deals, but you can still get a great deal with Barclays. If you open up an account with the bank, you’ll get access to your money through their website barclays.co.uk. There are two basic accounts you can open for non-business banking. The first is the Personal Bank Account which can be opened online and offers an overdraft of up to £5,000, and the Premier Bank Account that puts you at the front of the queue when you bank in branch and offers home, travel and gadget insurance. Most Barclays customers open the Personal account as you’ll need £100,000 in savings or an annual wage with a take home of at least £75,000 to get the full benefits. If you’re an existing customer with one of the accounts that are no longer available for new customers like the Premier Life, Additions Active, Current Account Plus, First Additions or Platinum Banking, you can still use barclays.co.uk to find about the benefits.


You can also use the firm’s website to review their latest ISA deals. If you’re a customer, you’ll have two choices: Instant Cash ISA – Issue 1 is the basic ISA and it’s the one you should put your money into if you’re unsure when you’ll need access to it. This ISA is ideal if you’re saving for the first time because you can put up to £15,000 into it a year but it can be opened with just £1 invested. You’ll have instant access to your cash but you’ll be able to take advantage of tax-free savings. The other type of ISA has a fixed AER but you can only access your cash 3 times within the year. Each withdrawal can only be up to 10% of the balance so if you’re unlikely to need the money, this is the ISA for you.

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