Barclays Shares Account and Stockbroker Service

Looking to make some investments but not sure where to begin? Barclays Shares accounts and their stockbroker service can be a perfect guide for you, especially if you're an existing customer with a rapport. At Barclays, you have three main option to get involved in investments and shares - use their stockbroker service which also provides financial advice, invest through a fund you've set up with the bank or another fund elsewhere or set up an investment ISA.

Stockbroker Service

Buying and selling shares has become easier thanks to the Internet, which allows quick transactions, cheaper deals and the ability to build and track your portfolio online. However, before you consider investing in shares and using Barclays share stockbroker service to make your investments, you need to plan your investment goals and consider the balance between fast-growing, high incomes and risks.

Although Barclays shares stockbroker service offers advice when making transactions, Barclays recommends that customers new to investments seek independant advice about their investment goals beforehand. Once advice is sought, customers are free to contact Barclay's Stockbrokers and make transactions. You'll have to pay a commission fee and stamp duty on most transactions. For more information on their stockbroker service, visit Barclaysstockbrokers.co.uk/.

Investment ISA

Another way to make investments is setting up a direct investment ISA through Barclays. Using an investment ISA, which works like a normal ISA but is designed to help customers build a portfolio and trade, you can invest up to £11,250 per tax year of your savings. Currently, Barclays offers a range of investment ISAs suited to different customers and needs - some are of particular interest to customers new to investments, whereas others offer better services for the experienced trader. To view all of Barclays investment ISA options, visit Barclays.co.uk.

Investing with a Fund

Barclays shares and investment services also allow you to set up a fund and invest using that fund. You can make regular, scheduled investments and your fund will invest in a mix of assets. This allows you to leave the fund to work on its own without having to follow the market, but isn't ideal for customers who really want to get involved in the stock markets.

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