Make college life easier with Barclays student loans

Being a student is hard enough without having to worry about money. Unlike some of the other countries in the European Union, British students must pay their own way through college or university, often at a cost of about £3,000 for tuition alone.

While that might not be much to someone working in full time employment, it's a huge amount for a student who can only work a few hours a week at most. Even with support from their parents, it can be a tough job trying to balance both study and work to ensure that not only are their grades the best they can be, but that they can also afford to complete their course.

With most degree courses lasting four years, that's a minimum of £12,000 on tuition alone. That doesn't include books, accommodation, food or travel expenses, so it's hugely important that students get the help they deserve as the future of the country.

Barclays are one of the most supportive banks for students, and Barclays student loans are a great help to thousands of students across Britain. With a student bank account, you'll be eligible for an interest free overdraft of up to £2,000, which then rises to 8.9% interest when you draw between £2,001 and £3,000. Although not technically a loan, it can certainly function as emergency financial support for students.

Barclays also offer excellent deals on their student credit cards, with typical rates of 14.9% APR for small limit cards, generally around £500, which will enable you to book flights or tickets online easily.

Finally, when all the hard work is done and it's time to graduate, you won't be forgotten about with Barclays; they offer excellent graduate loan deals in order to help you pay off the debt you build up during your college years.

For more information on any of these schemes check out www.barclays.co.uk today.

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