Is there a better option to Barclays wedding insurance?

It's the one day of our lives that we want to pass off without any mishaps occurring, but unfortunately, they can happen on our wedding day. The list of things that can go wrong at weddings is endless and although you will have to deal with the emotional strain, you can cover yourself financially by taking out Barclays wedding insurance.

The Barclays wedding insurance package is a very good one that includes cover for things like wedding cancellations, postponements or the venue becoming unavailable because of something out of their control, like administration.

But you do have other options for wedding insurance that are well worth checking out. Debenhams has a fantastic wedding insurance package - with prices starting at just £39 - that comes with 5 different levels of cover; silver; gold; platinum; diamond and diamond plus.

Diamond plus is the most comprehensive level of insurance and will provide cover up to £70,000, if your wedding or the reception are cancelled for some reason. Prices jump to £245 for diamond plus wedding insurance, but for the level of cover you get, it's well worth it.

There are many benefits you can look forward to with Debenhams' wedding insurance including cover up to £10,000 if any of your suppliers let you down. And you can get cover for overseas weddings with Debenhams at no extra cost.

Extras that you might like to add to your Debenhams' wedding insurance policy include marquee cover and an extension of public liability insurance for all attending guests.


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