Find your ideal bath pillow at John Lewis

There really is nothing quite like a nice warm bath to help you relax after a long stressful day at work. There's just something about turning your mind off and enjoying the feel of the warm water skin that helps leave both the mind and the body feeling reinvigorated.

What if we told you that there was a way to make the experience even better? No doubt you'd tell us we were crazy, but rest assured we have managed to find a way to improve an already wonderful experience.

All you need is a simple bath pillow. You might laugh at the idea, but the difference it makes to your level of relaxation while soaking is unquantifiable. As most bath pillows these days are mildew resistant, it means that you won't have to worry about drying them out or long maintenance procedures after every bath; you can just let them air dry in their own time before being ready for use again - although we don't recommend you use them too often without popping them into the washing machine for a quick clean.

With most models these days coming with suction cups as standard, as well as alternative fasteners such as straps, you'll be able to affix your pillow in whatever position offers the most comfort to you. Since every bath is different, there is no sure fire way of being certain which orientation will suit you, so once you've gotten your bath pillow just experiment until you find the sweet spot.

Now that we've gotten you all worked up and excited about the prospect of getting yourself one, we have no doubt that you're asking where is the best place to go. Well our bath pillow is from John Lewis, and we can't recommend it enough. You can order it online from www.johnlewis.com for just £14.50, or pop into your local store.

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