BBC budget for 2015

The BBC budget 2015 for each show are a closely guarded secret. That’s probably more to do with the programme makers arguing among themselves and the internal politics at the BBC than anything to do with us TV licence payers. But the BBC have to adhere to a code of practice that is advertised so we’ve had a look into that to see whether Top Gear gets more money than say Eastenders.
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BBC Code of practice

This makes sure that the relationships between the corporation and the independent producers who make shows for the BBC are fair and honest. There’s a timetable for negotiations and a breakdown of the rights that should come under the Beeb’s control. Programme prices, tariffs and payments are also covered by this Code of Practice which has been agreed by Ofcom. Business framework

This is part of the code of practice and it basically says that the BBC will agree to the terms of trading with PACT prior to publication. Things like licence periods, exclusivity, distribution, funding and payments are covered by this part of the charter.

Top shows

There’s no exact number attached to a series of something like Top Gearbecause the BBC are too classy to talk about the sort of cash they throw at the very popular motoring show but insiders have told us that as much as half a million is spent on average per episode. Some of the stunts that Clarkson and the boys get up to and the places they visit must be very costly, but the wages of the three presenters must also make a major dent in the budget for that show.

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