Be safe with breakdown cover

We've all seen it before, driving along a road at night, miles from anywhere and passing some unfortunate souls broken down on the side of the road, or we might even have been those poor unfortunate souls, despairingly watching the cars fly by. Maybe it's because we're in a rush or maybe we could just do without the hassle of getting involved in other people's problems, but it can be a painstaking wait for someone to pull in and assist, especially late at night.

The smartest way to avoid having to wait on a mechanically gifted, good Samaritan to pull in and rescue us is by getting breakdown cover. Breakdown cover will ensure you're never left on your own, regardless of what part of the country you're in. No problem is too big or too small, whether the engine has just burst into flames or you have embarrassingly run out of petrol, with breakdown cover you can rest safe in the knowledge that someone is on the way to help you out.

There is no shortage of insurance companies offering breakdown cover at very reasonable prices. The UK's leading breakdown providers, AA and RAC, offer basic cover from as little as £28 on all types of vehicles including cars, bikes, minibuses and caravans. Asda also provide breakdown cover starting at £6.16 a month. So there really is no excuse to be waiting roadside for a good Samaritan.

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