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There aren't many car insurance companies today that are straight up honest about their policies and hassle free to deal with. For an honest and reliable service we suggest you check out Bell insurance for your car.

Bell has thousands of customers from all corners of The UK. They offer competitive quotes for all your car, motorbike, van and travel insurance needs. If you don't yet have a no claims bonus they can save you significant amounts of money each year as they specialise in new drivers as well as the more experienced.

You get two options to choose from when purchasing your Bell insurance for your car. You can choose their premium cover which is fully comprehensive. This covers you for all accidents involving your vehicle or other vehicles in an accident. If you prefer the basic cover you can simply choose third party fire and theft. This covers you for theft of the vehicle, fire damage or damage to other vehicles.

Bell also make it easier to pay for your car insurance. They have a range of payment options including paying monthly instalments by direct debit. This is very useful if you haven't got the cash to splash out for the full year! They offer a 10% discount simply for buying your policy online with them.

Getting a quote off them is simple. You can call their UK quote line on 0800 118 1622. If you prefer you can get an online quote in minutes at bell.co.uk. Don't forget Bell insurance for your car comes with a 10% discount if purchased online!

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