Find out everything you need to know about Bennetts car and bike insurance

If you are looking for Bennetts car insurance, unfortunately you are out of luck! They specialise in providing quality motorbike insurance to The UK market! However, you can get cheap and reliable car insurance in the UK with a number of companies including:

  • Comparethemarket.com
  • Gocompare.com
  • Theaa.com
  • Aviva.co.uk

Back to Bennetts motorbike insurance now! They offer top quality bike insurance from their panel of top insurers. Their prices are unbeatable and their policies are extremely generous! They offer two levels of cover to their customers.

Third party fire and theft is their first option and with this you get some excellent benefits including 90 days European Union cover, Motorcycle theft and a 24 hour claims line. As well as this you are free to ride other bikes and you can save further if you wish to insure more than 1 bike!

Their premium level of cover is Fully Comprehensive insurance and is an all risks covered type of policy. You get all the same great benefits of Third party fire and theft but are also covered for loss or damage to your motorcycle, recovery of vehicle in the event of an accident and if you write your new bike off within the first 6 months, they will replace it at no cost to you!

They offer easy monthly payment options on both policies and you can choose to add no claims discount protection providing you have 4 years of riding experience under your belt!

So give them a shout today for your quote on 0800 107 7990 or visit them online at bennetts.co.uk. If you use Facebook, visit their page for a chance to win one of three free motorbikes in their competition! You just need to "Like" their page and enter to win!


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