Bennetts car insurance uk; fact or fiction?

Do Bennetts do car insurance for the UK? Well, it's a simple and disappointing answer, no, no they don't. While the Bennetts websites seems to be taking a serious bashing by people looking for car insurance the fact of the matter is they only do bike insurance.

Bennetts have actually been around for many years. They started up in the 1930's when Gordon Bennett set up a business that provided general insurance for the people of Coventry.

In the 80's things changed a little, they realised that the demand they were getting was hugely aimed at cover for motorbikes so they became motorbike specialists. This move really cemented Bennetts as the number one bike specialist in the UK.

They have since always been ahead of the game as far a motorbike insurance goes. They are always will to try new and innovative marketing strategies to keep their name out there. The the year 2000 they were the first bike specialists to implement a 'quote and buy facility' on their website. This made pricing the best insurance a lot quicker and easier.

If you are a bike owner they really are the best in the UK. Bennetts offer pricing and support that is second to none. It's no wonder so many people are hoping they cover cars.

It's unfortunate that Bennets do not deal with car insurance but in many ways that is why they are so successful. If you want cover from Bennetts, you had best sell that car and get yourself a motorcycle!


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