Where can you find the best and cheapest holiday insurance?

Are you departing soon for your dream holiday? No matter how short or long the break, it's absolutely vital to keep your family protected with a comprehensive travel insurance policy. However, at the same time there's no need to break the bank while you do it!

In this blog we'll be pointing out where you can source the best and cheapest holiday insurance with little effort. With that in mind, we recommend you check out what's on offer from Go Travel Insurance, who you can find online at gotravelinsurance.co.uk.

Go Travel Insurance provide cover for anyone under the age of 75 in the UK or Ireland, and they offer a huge selection of different policy types, from Single trip, to multi-trip, Backpacker Insurance, Golf Holiday Cover, Cruise Insurance, and even Ski Insurance for the dare devils among you!

All of their policies provide a phenomenal level of cover, with up to £10 million in medical expenses, up to £3,000 in cancellation costs, £25,000 in Personal Accident cover, and up to £1,500 in Personal effects and baggage protection.

The best part is, their policies are unrivalled when it comes to price. Go Travel offer single trip cover starting at £7.15, Annual Travel Insurance from £32.63, and Ski holiday cover is from an extremely reasonable £15.94.

So, no matter what type or level of cover you are seeking, check out Go Travel Insurance today to get an absolute bargain on your Travel Insurance!

best and cheapest holiday insurance

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