What are the Best Branch Savings Accounts?

You may not be comfortable with the internet or feel more in control when your money is accessible at your local high street bank. Whatever your reasoning, it's never been easier to find the best branch savings accounts. If you're prepared to compare different accounts, you'll be able to benefit from a high rate savings account and withdraw your funds without having to pay a costly penalty.

Chelsea Building Society Fixed Rate Cash ISA

If you haven't already utilised your £5,340 cash ISA allowance and you pay income tax, it's essential that you do so. If you're prepared to lock up your money for 2 years, you'll receive a fixed rate of 3.7%. You'll need to be at least 16 and be in a position to invest a minimum of £100.

Santander Preferred Current Account

Provided that you pay in at least £1,000 each month, you'll receive 5% AER for the first 12 months. You'll only receive this on the first £2,500. In other words, you're better off moving any additional funds to an alternative high interest savings account. If you fail to pay in £1,000 in a month, there is a £2 charge. Provided that you pay in your salary, this isn't really an issue.

West Bromwich High Income Over 50 Notice Account

As long as you're over 50 and prepared to give 90 days notice, you'll enjoy a return of 2.8% AER. The interest that accrues can be paid monthly into a separate account, so it's useful for retired people who are living on a fixed income. You can withdraw your money early, but you'll pay a penalty that's equivalent to the loss of 90 days of interest.

How to Choose the Best Branch Savings Accounts

There are few things more important than getting high rate savings account, exceptional customer service and being able to access your money at any time. The opportunity to visit your local branch means that you can quickly ascertain whether you've found a good home for your cash. Use a price comparison site, such as moneyextra.com, to trawl the market for the right deal.

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