We check out what are the best Car Insurance comparison sites

As anyone will tell you now, the best deals on Car Insurance these days are to be found on Car Insurance comparison sites! There are a huge number of these sites after popping up, so in this blog, we are going to run through your options for the best Car Insurance comparison sites.

Generally, all of these sites let you compare a host of other financial products, but we will be looking at them only with regards to their Car Insurance product. The first site we recommend you check out to compare car insurance quotes is Confused at www.confused.com. Confused are impressive due to the fact that they back up their claims with facts. They say 10% of people could save up to £718 per year with them, and 50% of people can save up to £238, which are savings not to be sniffed at!

Another brilliant site that we highly recommend is Money Supermarket, and you can check out their Car Insurance section at www.moneysupermarket.com/car-insurance. Money Supermarket are even more comprehensive than Confused and their searches cover pretty much all of the major insurers out there. They are confident of saving 98% of customers money on their insurance, so they are well worth a look.

Finally, if you are looking at the budget end of the market, then we think you should check out what Tesco's freshly launched insurance comparison site at www.tescocompare.com/ can do for you. This site has the added plus of including quotes from Tesco Insurance (the only site that does) meaning their low prices are factored into the result.


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